Blue Flower

The story of Dimensional Sovereign Novel takes place in Seoul, Korea. It starts having a poor main character who just wanna become rich. He is a poor bald man with a broken leg. And then, the day he found a corpse under his bed is the day he found out a whole new world. He got some mysterious power of Hwanmong. As aspected, the main character becomes a natural born soldier immediately. He wipes out anything that stands in his way very quickly. Then he starts his own army and gathering many subordinates, battling for power and lands. 


There are changes between your real world as well as the virtual world in Dimensional Sovereign, where the main character goes to in every night like a dreamscape. Here he should fight for territories a.k.a structures from other sovereigns along with creatures to construct barracks, mines, etc within the areas he's filled and develop their own subordinates to attain his dream.

He should also use his special skills in this world to make money where he's confronted with several competitors who lived their living having a golden spoon just because a supervision battle also occurs between your sovereigns on this planet.

Looks interesting right? It is too bad this whole construction put through the screen after achieving a particular chapter where the Hwanmong is online. source manga : Manga Online

What happened for the administration component? As it happens that the main character becomes one of the most powerful beings in the world full of chaos and now with the developing services, he does not have to purchase properties or create an army anymore.

After getting the best in this world, he sparks of Hwanmong where we repeat using the huge powerups and anyone who does not accept him will encounter the risk of being killed by him to different sides. He considers effects because everything somehow calculates as he wants it to or by his strong luck stat and not becomes extremely energetic.


Follow this from the beginning, personally, I wish an ending where everything works out to become a desire and our main character still  is a poor man who has a broken leg and cries at how harsh a desire it had been after which he begins having a hallucination together with his statistic window open and fortune stat displaying. He hangs himself and then drops into despair. This is just my imagination about the ending of Dimensional Sovereign. 


Finally, I strongly recommend this to people who likes to Read Novel Online and wants some fiction, adventure, fantasy and tragedy at the same time.