Blue Flower


Kei Kurono is presented by it. They benefit this as easily since they might, nonetheless they arent. They wake inside an apartment having several others resting in just a black earth combined with house in the middle, after being hit. Following another character's look, they find some authoring the Best light novels earth and yes it begins, revealing unusual-looking tools and suits. The dark earth, called Best light novels and holds them towards the middle of the city, displays them to ruin an alien after gearing up. That's as the survivers of each goal keep getting thrown in to a unique one until they create enough what to acquire their option where [Best light novels] gets interesting. There are plenty of turns, and the aliens they challenge are varied and impressive and moves inside the program. The master plan developments in a great rate, introducing new numbers frequently, but many don't last several target. Standard, the item well-planned it is great and.


I will connect considerably together with his character because he almost appears to be an instantaneous expression of myself. After ending up in Reika along with the residual fresh Best light novels team, he starts to produce outstanding leadership skills, and becomes a hero inside the eyes of his friends. Standard, I prefer his character because of how connected he is in the beginning in my own experience.

Masaru Kato: Generally Kuronois other. He's tries his easier to protect individual, good, and people. He's genuinely likeable, but I couldn't actually interact with him. He is an exceptionally important character, though. Kota, however indirectly, might get place start acting like a hero, and to avoid around wetting himself

He's nearly the same as a more recent, evidently less perverted version of Kurono, but also for some reason he just gives off an evil, sense that is horrible.

Shion Izumi: The first genuine "villain" inside the string, he starts as an athletic, good, extremely popular friend of Kuronois, but eventually starts to reveal that his sanity isn't fully intact, which he's far more evil and bad than anyone thought.

Reika: While obtaining the nude scenes of the numbers, and maybe the largest breasts, Reika would be the capable, well-designed female inside the point.

Drawing Style, chinese light novel

The-art might be desbribed when you phrase: amazing. This can be a finest graphics I've seen since Best light novels. The numbers are drawn correctly, plus a massive amount the gory look like they need to maintain a gaming. I donot wish to go into plenty of level, but breasts are really well-motivated, and you'll inform the mangaka takes a wide range of time wanting to make them look great.


I would read everything night on end, simply eager to determine what happens next.



Although gratuitous degrees of punishment and sex may turn off some Best light novels is an excellent study. The part never seizes to abandon you thinking, although focus of the