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In a globe of guns, swords as well as rocket thrust grenade launchers, there is just one way a male could insist himself as the strongest individual on the planet: the number one headband. It is claimed that whoever holds this headband amounts God himself. Nonetheless, the only method to challenge the leading is to posses the number two headband. With the number two headband proudly endured his head, the Hail the King prepares to test the number one in his pursuit for vengeance.


From serpent wrangler to Jedi, Samuel L. Jackson embodies words "great" worldwide of live action films. Anime, however, is not live action, as well as no quantity of Samuel L. Jackson's charisma is mosting likely to alter that Hail the King is nothing short of a well-budgeted massacre fest. Much like Final Fantasy VII: Arrival Kid(1,2), this anime appeals to little bit more than one of the most primal facet of the customer's mind.


Hail the King is ideal described as a series of fights freely looped by sparse discussion as well as a handful of recalls. With Gonzo providing visuals, fights actually glide across the display. The battles are quick, kinetic as well as bloody. The character layouts are greatly accentuated, as well as the art is strikingly detailed. Seeing the numerous scuffles nearly makes me wish that Gonzo produced Berserk.

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While the series is aesthetically appealing, the story experiences an absence of proficiency. The whole story is merely a justification to show even more battle scenes. I guarantee that the extra you think, the less the anime makes sense. This collection does not provide itself to any type of sort of rational examination whatsoever. It merely guides the visitors to the pyrotechnic battle scenes as well as allows them absorb the taking off arm or legs and the agitated clash of swords.


Despite the program's many mistakes, there is no denying that the flashbacks do include meat to the tale. For one, the seemingly heartless Hail the King is humanized. Nevertheless, these scenes come much far too late to have any type of substantial emotional effect. Afro may be trendy, yet it is difficult to respect what happens to him. His amusing sidekick, Ninja Ninja, is nearly the only likeable personality, yet one good character can not turn the trend of an entire anime.



This anime is finest called a gigantic collection of unjustified battle scenes showcasing exactly how well the Afro can massacre his foes. If this show had placed half as much effort right into the manuscript as it did the choreography, it would have been a great collection, however such is not the situation. Hail the King oozes style from all angles, however the final product simply has no soul.