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Browsers expect a page to load within seconds; so any delay in content accessed from a social media platform like Facebook is likely to cause followers to wander or lose interest. The solution to this craving for immediately accessible content beyond what a social post offers is Facebook Instant Articles. The mobile-only feature loads content much faster, which means you're more likely to retain visitor interest. If you're new to Instant Articles, here's what you'll need to get started: Tales of demons and gods

Articles Ready to Upload

First of all, you're going to need to have some articles ready. Bank around 30 to 50 articles, depending on how often you plan to make new articles available, although the standard recommendation is to have at least 50 articles ready. If you're in need of articles, consider repurposing content from your blog or updating articles that previously resonated well with your audience. Regardless of how you amass your articles, make sure you're consistent with your keywords and phrases. In addition to a Facebook account, you'll also need: True martial world

• An RSS feed to display content from your articles • Instant Articles markup on your blog or website • Facebook Business Manager for access to support

Google Analytics for Stat Tracking

Mobile users will be taken to your articles, but not your website. This means you won't get credit for referral traffic. Use Google Analytics and the stats available from Facebook to track your overall traffic with greater accuracy, including the visitors not being taken to your website.